10º Simposium mundial de deformidades congénitas da mão e Membro Superior, Roterdão – Maio de 2015

Realizou-se em Roterdão, 7 a 9 de Maio de 2015.

Apresentou o Tema Atipycal Radial Club Hand


The goal of this paper is to present our casuistic of radial club hand with atypical features

We have treated 14 child with radial club hand. Between of them we have two cases grade I with unstable wrist and radial deviation. We have noticed a lot of radial hypoplasia grade I with stable wrist that has not been included. In our series, there was one case grade 2, two cases grade 3 and all the others was grade 4, which means, radius was completely absent.

Between them, we noticed five cases with atypical features:

– One case with complete sindactily between thumb and index. There was a hypoplastic and rudimentary thumb, with very unstable skeletal structure. At the moment of carpus centralization, the hypoplastic thumb has been sacrified because there were no tegumentary elements enough to reconstruction.

– One case with bilateral radial club hand with bilateral completely developed thumb. We report this case, because normally radial club hand has some kind of hypoplasia of the thumb associated. In our serie, this was the only case with a normal thumb

– One case with stiff elbow and three digit hand; we think this is an atypical case, because elbow normally is stable and has a full range of movement.

– We have a child with a radial club hand on the right side and a left hand with absence of the fifth ray digit, including hamate bone; we think this a minor form of ulnar deficiency.

– Finally, we have noticed a bilateral radial club hand, that has on the right side an absent thumb and the left hand has only the two ulnar digits and a hypoplastic third digit with only one phalange.